BETSEL -EL (Hebrew for “Under the Shadow of the Almighty”)

The first floor of our building has been beautifully renovated and has become a place of healing and creativity. The center is designed for people to receive a deep healing-touch from the Lord, through expressing themselves artistically. As people come to the Lord, there is a need for inner healing. Creativity can be one of the tools to achieve this. With God’s help this center is giving them the ability to heal from their past hurts and live in freedom and forgiveness, able to live whole, healed lives and in time, be able to extend the same freedom to others. 

The goal is to develop and strengthen the self-image and personality of broken people, to give the opportunity to create and develop the godly gift of creativity, to give less wealthy people the chance of creative expression, to be a source of encouragement and support and to give the opportunity to people to glorify and worship God by the works of their hands.

Karin who is one of our staff is leading this ministry. Through years of academic and real time training, she is using this model not only for believers, but for those yet to come to the Lord, inviting them to open sessions and workshops, as well as personal appointment.